Artist Village

For many years, Bergen has been a hiding place for artists who regard the peace and space as a source of inspiration; broad avenues with plenty of greenery and large residences hard up against nature. Works of the „Bergen School“, the artistic movement named after the village, can be seen, among other things, in the Kranenburg Museum. There are still a great many artists in residence, exhibiting their work in the galleries and the artists' centre, where you can buy modern art, too. The Holland Music Sessions take place during the summer, with many evening concerts by talented young international musicians.

During the summer there are art and craft markets and in October there is an event known as the Ten Days of Art. The centre of Bergen is teeming with terraces, cafes and restaurants – and, most importantly for the shopping enthusiast, small shops boutiques.


The location of Bergen is particularly beautiful at the edge of the dunes and nature. In and near the center stand as monuments to the Villa Park Lake District, built around 1915 in the style of the Amsterdam School.

The center, located around the Ruined Church, is very inviting. Cafes, boutiques, restaurants and cafes give the village its casual atmosphere and inhabitants of North Holland know the village therefore find for shopping or a bite to eat.

– Forest: 500 meters
– Centre: 1.0 km
– Public transport: 1.0 km
– Public swimming pool: 1.5 km
– Restaurants / cafes: 1.0 km
– Mountains to sea: 5.0 km